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Why Small Scale Retailers Need an eCommerce Website?

February 12, 2020

In this modern era, almost every business wants to go online. Undoubtedly, having an online presence can help businesses in gaining a competitive advantage. Throughout time, It almost has become imperative for large-scale retailers to have an eCommerce website. But, what about small scale retailers? Is this the time for such businesses to include online retailing to their marketing channels? Let’s find out the answer – 

The benefits that an eCommerce website brings are not hidden. Everybody knows that it increases sales and enhances brand image. The reason why small scale businesses aren’t considering having an online store is because of uncertain Return on Investment (ROI). The concern seems legitimate as going online calls for a considerable amount of investment.

But, improvement in the sales figure shouldn’t be the only criterion to measure the ROI. A website helps a business in many other ways. Here are some:

1. A Boost to Your Advertising Campaigns

You’ll gain additional exposure and can make a ton of information available for your audience if you just put your website address (URL) on all your promotional material. As the population is getting digitized, their behavior is changing. Your prospects would rather like to search for your business online (if they are interested) then giving you a call.

2. Acquire New Customers

Websites make word of mouth marketing effective. Your existing customers could recommend your services/product to their peer groups just by sharing your website URL. A website would also deliver a pleasing experience to your loyal customers as now they can flaunt with their favorite products/services online.

3. Save Printing & Distribution Costs

A website is a detailed brochure or catalog of your business. And the best part is, unlike the printed brochures, it can be changed or updated at any time with minimal efforts. Even you yourself can make changes on your website which are built with CMS (Content Management System).

4.Improve Productivity

A website boosts your business’s overall productivity. The information related to your offerings will be available 24*7 on your website and as a result, you would have to spend less time explaining the products/services.

5.Expand Your Reach

The internet is acting as a platform for today’s world where businesses can break through their geographical barriers and can expand their reach to other markets. The rise of eCommerce has also made it possible for businesses to go international. With an online presence, your business won’t be limited to catering to the people in your neighborhood only.

With eCommerce integration, your e-store will be available 24*7 for your customers. They will be able to buy things anytime they want.

6.Promote Your Offerings

A website can showcase your product/services in a great manner. You can put detailed descriptions and photographs of your offerings and tell your customers how you are better than your competitors.

Even if your customers want to visit your Brick and Mortar store, they can easily find your physical address on your website or Google Listings.

7.Avoid Relocation Loss

When you move your business to a new location, you might lose many customers as it is expensive to convey to everybody that you’ve shifted somewhere else. if you have a website, your customers can find you wherever you are. You can also shoot text messages or emails to your existing customers regarding your relocation.

8.Enable Two-Way Communication

Getting feedback from every customer is a daunting task and they might not feedback authentically in front of you. A website is a great place where people can feedback about your product/service. You can also allow them to feedback anonymously.

Customers can ask you about product availability via your website. If you offer some sort of service, you can allow your customers to schedule their appointment by themself.

9.Social Media Utilization

Social Media Marketing is a trend among small scale retailers. But, having a website alongside makes it even better. You can post customer stories, informative articles (guides) and much more interactive content on your website to build relations. A website really differentiates your business from others.

The Cost

However, there isn’t any exact number that can denote the cost of developing an eCommerce website. The cost varies depending on the functionalities.

We, at Thinkjets, develop astonishing eCommerce websites that makes business WIN. The price starts from a thousand US dollars. Contact us now to see what your online store will look like.

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