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Infographics March 16, 2020 History of eCommerce – When and How it Began?

Now is the time to look back at the history of eCommerce to appreciate the pioneers. eCommerce or Digital Commerce is a technology-agnostic way of retailing which has scaled the market exponentially for a retailer. Regardless of which generation they come from, shopping online is something every individual participates in every day. It seems almost …

Infographics March 14, 2020 Omnichannel Retail Report – The Ground Reality

“Although some retailers are still trying to find ROI in their existing IT infrastructure, omnichannel retail brings all the benefits of technology by integrating and optimizing every customer touchpoint.” “After all, It’s all about the Buyer” What is the omnichannel retail? Omnichannel retail is a modern approach that focuses on creating a cohesive shopping experience …